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Technical Crypto Indicators 2nd May 2024 -Bitcoin 52k? Ethereum 2.6k?

Updated: May 9

Crypto Technical indicators


BTC Bitcoin & ETH Ethereum

Bitcoin ($BTC) needs to reclaim the $61.4k/$61.5k mark to avoid falling into the $52k range, which seems quite possible. A potential buy zone is indicated if the 200-day moving average aligns, suggesting high confidence.

Ethereum ($ETH) remains above its ascending 200-day moving average, although signs of a downturn are present. The $2650 mark is the next significant level to monitor.

Key support and resistance levels based on the daily chart include: For $BTC, support is around the $52k mark and resistance is just above at $61.5k. For $ETH, support is at the $2650 level and resistance at the $3700 mark.

Levels to monitor for Alt Coins on the daily chart for bullish sentiment :

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) shows support at the $350 level.

Injective Protocol ($INJ) has support at $18. Maker ($MKR) finds support at $2150.

Tron ($TRX) is supported at $11.10.

Render Token ($RNDR) maintains support at $6.40.

Fetch ($FET) holds support at $1.85.

SingularityNET ($AGIX) has support at $0.66.

Solana ($SOL) has support around the $110

Binance Coin ($BNB) has strong support at the $510 mark.

Chainlink ($LINK) supports at $13.

Immutable X ($IMX) is at $1.80 support.

Avalanche ($AVAX) sees support at $29.

THORChain ($RUNE) has a support level at $4.

Stacks ($STX) is supported at $2.00.

Near Protocol ($NEAR) has its support at $4.20.

When is the top of the BTC Market Cycle?

As Bitcoin stabilizes between its current price and $70,000 following the Halving, the cycle will likely slow down and realign with its typical historical pattern. This pattern usually includes a Halving Cycle culminating in a Bull Market peak around mid-September to October 2025

Bitcoin 52k May 2nd

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