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Experienced Trader

Why not setup your own crypto strategies so you can get paid for doing what you love.

Set your own fees , change crypto allocation based on market, technical analysis, OBV, MACD, RSI, MA200 etc 

Automated Features Iconomi Crypto Platform

Crypto Nightwatch Overnight Algo Iconom

Buy/Sell price optimization

Our trading engine searches across over a dozen exchanges to find the best prices for each trade, executing them based on your specified algorithm while using the best pairs to assure appropriate liquidity.

Recurring buy/sell (Dollar-cost averaging)

Copy a selected Strategy and invest without lifting a finger. Perfect for the dollar-cost averaging investment Strategy. Set recurring payments to ICONOMI, and you will automatically invest in a Crypto Strategy of your choice.

Rebalance with a few clicks

You can rebalance your Strategy whenever you want, easily adding new assets and removing old ones, or adjust the weights of what you already have.

Algorithmic execution of your trades

Depending on the market conditions, you might wish to be flexible about how you trade. Sometimes you need to trade your assets quickly, to avoid a bigger drop, while other times you want to take it slow and get the best value possible, or a mix of both. Our trading algorithms help you do just that with a few clicks, getting the trades you need. 

Powerful automations

You can set up Rules that monitor your Strategy to automatically buy/sell/rebalance your crypto portfolio. This is a unique feature that allows you to trade an asset on the platform against any other asset on the platform - more than 10.000 different pairs. Read more below on which kind of automated rules you can use to effectively manage your crypto.

Automation Trading Tools

Rules are a staple of many trading portfolios. Be it for taking profits, stopping losses, or simply catching a big rise in an asset you’re looking at, rules are the best way to keep up with the market while you’re away.

Stop-loss rule

Helps you when the market takes a sudden dive. When your Strategy’s performance reaches a percentage you have set, known as the stop price, it will automatically rebalance the structure to the preset structure of your choice.

Take-profit rule

A take-profit rule guarantees that a position is closed at or above a predefined price point. This will automatically change the structure of your Strategy to the one you define and let the acquired profit wait for your next rebalance.

Price-based rule

Triggers when a specified asset reaches a defined price. Be it an up trend or down trend, your Strategy will automatically rebalance to the set structure of your choice and either let you surf a wave of a rising asset or escape a sinking ship of a different one.

Time-based rule

The time-based rule allows you to schedule rebalances and repeat them periodically. It is executed on a specific date and time. You can also have it repeated daily, weekly, or monthly.


Nightwatch is a temporary rule made to protect your assets. 12 hours should be enough time to get some sleep :). If the value of assets in your Crypto Strategy drops by the percentage you specified, Nightwatch will automatically move all your assets into a stablecoin of your choice. 

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