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FAQ Iconomi Crypto Strategies 

UK FCA Registered Platform Iconomi :

  • What is a Crypto Strategy?
    Crypto Strategies are collections of crypto assets chosen and led by a Strategist. They share the Strategy with other users, allowing them to perform the same changes as the Strategist. The Strategists have their own stakes in the strategy, so they have exposure to. With one Click you can copy crypto strategy that has a history of strong performance
  • Why Copy Crypto Strategy?
    Many users simply don’t have time to manage their crypto investments, as the market fluctuates too rapidly. Successful Strategists take that time. They can lead others to gains or save them from losses. In this, diversification is key. Like mentioned, a single asset can fluctuate wildly. Sometimes, it’s better to have a diverse portfolio, so if a single asset drops, the rest of your investment won’t be as affected. When you copy a Crypto Strategy your investment gets diversified across all cryptocurrencies that are in strategy structure. Let’s take a look at an example to make it easier for you: Let’s say you invest 100 EUR or 100 GBP, etc.) - you add 100 GBP to copy a Crypto Strategy with a structure (index weights) of: - Bitcoin (BTC) 50%, - Ether (ETH) 20%, - BNB(EOS) 30%, With just one click, your investment (100 GBP) is diversified into the exact same percentages of cryptocurrencies that are in the strategy structure (£50 goes to BTC, £20 to ETH, £30 to BNB, etc.).
  • How do I create an Crypto account?
    Click on Register then go through the KYC AML process on Iconomi simple
  • Does CopyTrader.Finance have a Crypto trading strategy?
    Yes we do please use the link below. We use technical analysis to identify the opportunity flow between BTC and ETH. In the future we may add more pairs.
  • Does CopyTrader.Finance endorse any crypto investment?
    NO, we are merely a company that displays various data points to allow you to make an decision we take no responsibility for any loss or inaccurate data shown on this site. Do your OWN research before you decide to review this new asset class. Please note you will be redirected to 3rd party website and is NOT an investment website. The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.
  • What Does ACS Mean?
    ACS= Asset copying the strategy, indication of how much fiat is invested into a specific product (Similar to market cap).
  • Is the ROI shown on the site something I expect to get as a return?
    NO past performance does not represent future performance. Crypto is highly volatile and risky you could lose all your investment. the ROI provided is a snapshot from inception to the top of the market and does NOT represent what your returns can be.
  • What happens when I Click Register or Copy Strategy?
    You get redirected to a 3rd party website which we have no control over. It is your responsibility to review the platforms T&Cs etc. and make sure you do your own research as to the safety security of the site/platform, and if the investment is suited to your risk appetite.
  • Is Iconomi Ltd FCA registered
    Yes! Compliant Trading Registered and compliant with the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Is Copytrader.Finance FCA registered?
    NO we are not registered we merely redirect you to Iconomi Ltd who are FCA registered and will handle all the KYC AML and platform customer service etc. CopyTrader.Finance take no responsibility for any loss/hack or misplacement of your funds. Please read the full T&C on Iconomi website
  • Is data on this site 100% correct?
    We aim to show as much up to date information as possible, but there are instances where the data may not be accurate. We will remediate any issues ASAP, but if something does not look right please feel free to contact us We make no promises of the accuracy of the data, and are reliant of various api
  • I don't want to copy a strategy, I'm an Experience Trader and want people copying me? Is this Possible
    Yes, you can make fees from sharing your knowledge in crypto/Technical Analysis, please go to the "Experience Trader" section for more information
  • Do I need to do any of the regulatory burden when it comes to the strategy?
    NO Iconomi Ltd do it all. Your role is just to trade and try and make returns so you can get more followers and potentially earn more fees.
  • Money/Fiat transfer fees for the FCA registered Platform Iconomi?
    For more information please visit fee page on Iconomi: Deposit fee (Bank account - SEPA, SEPA Instant, and UK bank transfers) - Free* * SEPA deposits are not actually free, but at the moment this cost is paid by ICONOMI. Deposit fee (Cards - Visa and MasterCard) - 3% Deposit fee (Skrill) - 3,5% + 0,29 EUR
  • Crypto strategy fees & costs FCA registered Platform
    The fees are set by each Strategist, so different Strategies have different fee structures. Crypto Strategy fees set by each Strategist for copying a Strategy Performance - Range from 0 – 30% Charged to users who copy Crypto Strategies. The fee is collected only when copiers make a profit. Copy - Range from 0 – 10% A yearly fee that is charged in small proportions daily (yearly fee/365) to users who are copying the Crypto Strategy. On-boarding - Range from 0 – 6% This fee covers the Strategist’s costs for the education and expertise they provide, but not all Strategies have it. It is charged to the users/copiers each time they add funds to copy the Strategy. Sell cost - Fixed 0.5% The sell cost covers the selling of underlying assets included in the Strategy's structure. This happens whenever a copier removes funds from copying a Strategy. Platform fees for managing your Strategy A trading fee of 0.37% is applied to all crypto trades within ICONOMI (some asset pairs might require more than one trade) This also applies when a Crypto Strategy is rebalanced. This percentage only applies to the assets that actually get traded. For instance, if 20% of a Crypto Strategy is rebalanced, the trading fee will only apply to that 20%.

We Integrate With Iconomi FCA Registered Platform

FCA registered Digital Asset platform with over 100,000 Users.

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